This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

May 19, 2012

Dance 2012

This year Gracie decided that she wanted to try tap dance in addition to hip hop. Here she is in her tap costume before we left for her dress rehearsal.


The Hip Hop Group dancing to "Let's get it started!"

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and the Tap Group

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So proud of my little dancer!

Me Kids Dance

Posing with Daddy and Bubby

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What's a recital without flowers!!! :)

Pictures with her cousins and teachers too.
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May 11, 2012

Gentlemen, start your engines!

The annual Trike-a-Thon at Gauge's preschool is well.....kind of a big deal! These kid's practice, raise money and man do they put their game faces on as they race around that track!


It is the highly talked about event of Spring! Gauge couldn't wait to get that Lightning McQeen helmet on and tear up that course!

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I LOVED watching him zip past with the biggest, proudest grin plastered across his sweet face!

Action shots 2

He had quite the cheering squad! 
Good job Gauge, Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you!

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