This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

October 31, 2012

We love FALL!!

I absolutely LOVE fall! The crisp feel in the air, hayrides, and campfire.


We also love going to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out that perfect pumpkin to take home.

Ribbet collage

We were lucky that we squeezed in all the fun before the big fat raindrops began to fall


Right before Halloween we bring in the pumpkins for carving. The kids draw their faces on a piece of paper and then Papaw and Daddy duplicate it onto the pumpkins. This year, Papaw took the traditional route using a knife and Daddy....well, he decided that was too slow. He busted out the power tools!

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Gauge has a notorious week stomach and this year proved to be no different. He was happy to dig out the long as none of it touched his skin!

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Great job kiddos!

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Every Halloween the kids Trick or Treat with their cousins. As they grow up, our group gets smaller and smaller.


Here are the kids with their baby cousin James.


And.....they're off!

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This year our church planned a Truck or Treat. It was a great time and we didn't let the rain dampen our fun!

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October 20, 2012

GOAL.......Soccer Season 2012

After taking a season off, Gracie decided to give soccer another try. This year was particularly exciting because they kids got to play on the same team. We enjoyed that rare opportunity to get to watch them both at the same time.

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What a fun an exciting season!


Grace jumped back into things like she never missed a beat....and Gauge played with bravery. He wasn't intimidated at all!
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and in true Gauge (ham) fashion....he would also take time to give us a thumbs up or some other silly antic during play.


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Great Season White Team!


Proud Daddy (and Mommy behind the camera)

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Gauge was especially excited because this was his first trophy ever!!

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September 4, 2012

First Day of School 2013

Hard to believe another year is here. 
They need to stop growing....NOW!

This year Gauge heads to his last year of Pre-K
It's his last year in the building that he's been in since he was 6 weeks old.
Such a bittersweet time.

So hard to believe this is his last year in this building! Been here since he was 6 weeks old. Where has the time gone!? :( #BackToSchool

and Grace to 2nd Grade. 
She is so amazingly smart. I can't wait to see her enjoy another
year of learning.

I'm so thankful that Grace has amazing cousins that she rides the bus with every day! 
She simply adores them and it makes this Mama's heart smile!


September 3, 2012

Off to the county fair....

When you live in a small rural community, the county fair is a much anticipated event. 
It's a time to

:: eat all kinds of fried food ::
:: visit the diary barn for your nightly dose of butter pecan ice cream ::

:: stroll through the barns to see the livestock ::
:: watch crazy sports like Rough Truck and Demolition Derby ::
::  ride scary rides ::


:: get your face painted ::
:: and spend time with cousins and grandparents ::

This year Grace was especially excited because she got to show her oldest cousin's pig in the open show. She wore her best cowgirl jeans, plaid shirt and cowgirl boots borrow from another cousin.
Ribbet collage 
I was so proud of her! She wasn't intimidated by that pig at all. She now proudly displays her beautiful green and white participant ribbon in her bedroom.

She is so excited to try her hand at 4H when she turns 9. There has been much debate about what type of animal she will take. Bunny, Duck, Goat.....we shall see!

August 30, 2012

Summer is meant for FUN!

In addition to our family vacation to Cape Coral, Florida.....we managed to squeeze a TON
more fun into our summer!

:: Hiking in the Hocking Hills ::

Ribbet collage

:: Trip to Cedar Point ::

Ribbet collage

:: Visit to Amish Country ::

Having fun in Amish Country

:: Day at the zoo ::

Busy but fun day at the zoo #ColumbusZoo #summertime

:: visit to a new playground ::

Quick stop at one of the parks daddy takes care of before we hit up the zoo #summertime

:: Drive in movie watching ::

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:: Mommy & Daddy trip to Lake Erie ::

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:: and LOTS of water fun ::

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August 5, 2012

Cape Coral Vacation

Right after Gauge's Birthday party we packed our bags and headed south to Cape Coral Florida with Grandma and Grandpa. The kids we so excited. It was their first time flying on an airplane. They did an amazing job. Not scared at all! Gauge was even able to fall asleep for a portion of the trip. Man, it sure beats driving in the car with two kids for 16 hours!
1st airplane ride
Upon landing in Tampa, we hoped in our rental cars and drove over to Cape Coral to our resort. Words can not even describe how amazing this place was! Gorgeous to say the least. Our room was on like the 11th floor with a screened in patio looking out over the bay.

Cape Coral Resort

The weather was crazy hot and humid but for an Ohio family that pretty much means perfect vacation weather!! We did some hiking....


ton and I mean TONS of swimming in the pool. The kiddos were both swimming on their own above and below water by the end of the well as jumping off the sides and doing cannonballs!

swim practice

The most eventful thing of the vacation was when Gracie hurt her foot in the ocean. Shawn surprised me and rented a jet ski at Fort Myers Beach. The kids played on the beach and swam in the ocean with Grandma and Grandpa while they waited on us. As we rode the jet ski back into shore we could see Grandpa holding her and something wrapped around her foot. My heart sank. As it turned out she has stepped on what they believe was a broken bottle in the ocean and sliced open her foot. Lots of bandages, liquid band aids and gauze were in use the rest of the week. But, we didn't let it damper her spirit or ours.

foot injury

Our resort had a ferry service that would take you over to Fort Myers. We took advantage of that and had a great time.

Boat Ride

Did I say how much we love Fort Myer's Beach!! Gorgeous!


On one of our last nights there we all went out to dinner and enjoyed a great sunset meal.

Dinner Out

Since Gauge had just celebrated his 5th Birthday with a Pirate theme....Grandma and Grandpa surprised us and bought us all tickets to ride the Sunset Pirate Cruise.

Pirate Cruise 1

We had so much fun....

Pirate Cruise 2

The evening was perfect!

Pirate Cruise 3

We capped off our trip with some outlet and school supply shopping and one last visit to the beach. Earlier in the week the kids buried some gold coins they got from the Pirate Ship. They wanted to see if they could find them. They did!


Our vacation was filled with TONS of fun, laughs, beach, sun, swimming pools, ice cream and olympic watching. Can't wait for the next vacation!

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