This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

August 23, 2011

Have you ever craved a smell?

Pregnancy Cravings! Sometimes their wacky and weird! You probably have some interesting stories that you could share about the cravings that you experienced with your babies. When I was pregnant with my daughter it was ice cold milk. And believe me when I say it had to be ice cold! I was even known to add ice cubes to my milk if it's temperature wasn't up to my standards. With my second pregnancy I craved crushed ice like nobody's business. It's a good thing that we lived with my Mother/Father-in law at the time because they had an ice maker on their refrigerator. Everyone is the house probably got sick of the sound of grinding ice coming from the kitchen. lol

But here's where it gets a little weird. Have you ever craved a smell? In addition to the ice with my 2nd pregnancy, I craved the smell of Mountain Spring Downy. Totally weird huh!! It's probably a sin how much downy I would put in one load of laundry! My craving got so bad that I went to our local Dollar Tree, where I purchased a $1 spray bottle and filled it with Downy and Water so I could squirt my sheets and furniture! 

Have you ever noticed the cost of Downy? It is stinkin' expensive! Once I had Gauge that craving subsided a little and I made the hard switch to dryer sheets. Well, let me just tell you that they DO NOT smell as nice as the good ole fashioned liquid!! I have gone a l.o.n.g time without my precious green top downy. But no more my friends. I have found a cost effective way of getting that AWESOME smell I love without forking over a ton of money.

Here is what you do. Go to the store and purchase a cute little container, a bottle of your beloved Mountain Spring Downy and a few cheap sponges. You're going to mix downy and water in a 2:1 ratio....enough to fill your jar. I believe my jar fit 3 cups of downy and 6 cups of water. Cut one of your sponges in half and throw them in the jar with your newly combined solution.

When it comes time to dry your clothes, toss your wet clothes in the dryer. Take one sponge out of the solution and lightly wring it out. How much you wring out is totally up to you. I leave mine pretty saturated and lay it on the ledge inside my dryer so it's not laying directly on my clothes. Turn the dryer on and let it work it's magic. Once it's done....enjoy the lovely smell of Downy at a fraction of the price!


I can't tell you how happy this new found solution makes me! :-)

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