This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

October 29, 2010

It's the great pumpkin(s)

Great Grandma purchased two gorgeous pumpkins for the kids.

They waited patiently....
Picnik collage
while Daddy and Papaw drew the faces and then carved them out.
Picnik collage
The ole spoon was ready to go. Seriously, I think this spoon was around for pumpkin carving since I was a kid. Note the beautiful "Harvest Gold" color. It is now designated as the Official Pumpkin Spoon!


When it came time for the carving, Grace was really into long as it stayed on her spoon and it didn't actually touch her skin.

Picnik collage

Gauge was all big talk until it came time to actually do it. We didn't have any gagging like last year, but he did two swipes with his spoon and declared "I'll just let Sissy do it!"
Picnik collage
Smile pretty for Mommy!


Now show us your scary faces!
Picnik collage
Check out those awesome pumpkins!

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