April 8, 2010

And so it begins.....

Last night was the beginning of a whole new chapter in our home. For Grace, this chapter will includes:

{HOT} summer days


Yummy {CANDY} from the concession stand


Loving {FAMILY} support

{FRIENDSHIPS} that will last a lifetime.

softball helmet

I have so many fond memories of playing softball as a child.
My uncle was my coach and my 3 cousins played on my team.
We were the Edison Tigers.

I loved:

Going to George's for {SLUSHIES} after a win

Riding in the back of Uncle Rocky's black {PICK-UP} truck

Blasting "The Eye of The Tiger" on our {BOOM BOX} during pre game warm ups

The feel of my first ever {HOME RUN}

and the lifetime {FRIENDSHIPS} that I made!

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