This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

March 12, 2010

Become a Motivated Mom like me

Since Shawn and I both work full time...the only time that we have to catch up on the housekeeping is either at night or on the weekends. It seemed as if by time we got home from work we were too exhausted and the task was too overwhelming. So, we would take a Saturday and clean the house from top to bottom. But, as you can imagine....that too get's old because who wants to waste their Saturday cleaning? Not me!

That's when (we) made the decision to start hiring someone to at least clean our house one day a month. This was AWESOME. It was my way of splurging. Some women get their nails done, some get their hair, I hired a cleaning lady.

Everything was going great....until I decided that we truly didn't need that luxury any more and could save that money for other things instead. I knew there had to be a way that we could make it work and do it ourselves. That's when I found the Motivated Moms Chore Planner.
It's only $8!! That's it!! I thought, well if it doesn't work out and we can't do this on our own...we're only out $8. So once we got back from our Disney Vacation, we began the Motivated Moms journey.

The Motivated Moms Chore Planner gives you 365 days of tasks to help keep you on top of your cleaning. I love that it even gives you things that you wouldn't normally think to cleaning off all your light switches or the front of your dishwasher.

Shawn has been such a blessing throughout this whole thing. He agreed in the beginning to help me with this endeavor. Each night he will pick a couple things on the list to do and I will pick a few things to do. Eventually, we would even like to involve the kids. They can earn fuzz balls for doing their share of the chores.
I have to tell's a lot of work to keep on track with my planner. But I feel so much better about my home. I love the feeling of accomplishment that it gives me.

So if you are like me and you fee like you just can't keep up, I highly recommend getting the Motivated Mom Chore Planner.  At $8 you can't lose. I also have a few friends who are doing it also. We send pictures from our phones to help keep each other accountable.

Come enter the giveaway I'm hosting over at Peanut Butter and Pickle Reviews.(Ends 3/31/10) could WIN a Motivated Moms Planner.

But at $8, why wait!
(If you do choose to purchase the planner, I would love if you would use one of the links that I provided here....I earn a tiny little percentage off each sale I generate) ~ Thanks :-)

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