This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

February 7, 2010

Murphy's Law

SnomegeddonMurphy's Law says that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
I believe that we would have made Murphy proud on Saturday.

The following events took place from Friday night through Saturday night:
Late Friday, we discovered that our car was leaking fluid. Not good since we were scheduled to leave for Florida first thing Sunday Morning. This leak started into motion a chain reaction of events. I had to leave work early Friday to go and pick Shawn up from work. Which meant that my dad had to come and pick my kids up from school/daycare. By time I reached Columbus they already had 3 inches of snow and it showed no signs of stopping. Once I got to Shawn's work, he hopped in the car and we drove downtown. Following that appointment we drove back up to Dublin to get Shawn's car so we could take my van to be serviced. We were running late getting to the garage so Shawn dropped me off by his car and drove on to the dealership.

I had to clean the now 4 inches of snow off of his car and meet him at the garage. While the car was being service we drove to the closest mall to grab a few more things for our upcoming trip to Disney. The car didn't take very long because as it turned out...they didn't have "time" to fix it. By this point the snow was coming down even faster! I was a bit freaked out so I decided it was a good idea to leave the car at Shawn's sister's house and ride home together in the van. Another Mistake! We ended up getting stuck in their driveaway. We had to wait for them to get home so they could help us out.
semi in ditch
We were FINALLY back on the road and heading home. By this point we were under a level 2 snow emergency. My Mommy guilt began to get the better of me. Part of my original plan was to go to the Disney Store and get some things for the kids. We made the decision that the roads were already bad and we were already late getting home so we stopped at another mall. Here we got the kids some Disney stuff and me a new pair of boots.

Our dog had been home alone all day and desperately need to be let out. We decided to stop at Shawn's parent's house and get the 4-wheeler and drive back to our house to let her out. Our drive was too blown over for our van to make it up. We were already to go when the 4-wheeler quit running. Needing to get home, we parked our van in his parents barn and took their Jeep and dove it through the deep snow to our house. At this point I called my Mom and Dad to see if the kids could just have an impromptu sleepover (sans pj, etc).

This left us with only a half day on Saturday to pack for our trip to Disney. Can you say stressful!!

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