December 9, 2009

Nine years ago today....

We looked like this

and this
We had a beautiful ceremony surrounded by all our friends and family.
The ground outside was blanketed in beautiful white snow
We had a wonderful wedding and I can't believe that it has been nine years since we said our I Do's  and 16 years since our very first date together!

Together in the last {9} years we have:
Moved {4} times
Lived in {2} houses
Lived with your parents {2} times
Got {2} dogs, kept {1}
Welcomed {2} babies into our home
and experienced {TONS} of {WONDERFUL} memories in between.

I {LOVE} you Shawn and I can't wait to spend another 9+ years with you by my side!

Sorry for the poor pictures. We got married back in archaic times 
when digital cameras didn't exist.

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