October 3, 2009

Can you guess?

Can you guess why my husband was walking around our garage holding a big yellow swimming noodle? I can't wait to see your guesses :-)

Oh, and Shelly you are disqualified because you already know the answer ;)


  1. Guessing he was doing the "manly" trying to kill something or get away from something. (spider, mouse etc)Royal does that! lol


  2. My guess is that he is trying to find a place to put it for storage.

  3. Are you all playing starwars and that is his light saver? lol

  4. My father-in-law had a martin box up by their pond for years. He decided to take it down recently and the martins have now adopted our home as their. On Friday, upon pulling into the driveway and opening the garage door...about 5 martins flew in and couldn't get back out. If you know anything about martins...they like to dive bomb. I managed to get in the house to tell Shawn, but the kids were to freaked out to get out. So Shawn grabbed the swimming noodle and was trying to shew them out. He managed to get them all out but one stubborn little martin who met his fate with a big yellow swimming noodle. I kept sticking my head out the door to take pictures while trying to avoid the dive bombing martins. Shawn kept yelling to shut the door! Guess he doesn't understand the importance of pictures to a blogger! LOL :-)

    ~ Lacie

  5. haha...must be a Shipman thing....my dad and grandfather always had Martin boxes! When I was a little girl, I always had the "privilege" of cleaning them out, since my hand was the smallest to fit in the opening! Always had a glove on, of course, but still freaked me out!


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