This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

July 30, 2009

Family Reunion at Kentucky Dam Village

The main purpose of our trip to Kentucky was for a family reunion at Kentucky Dam Village Thursday through Saturday. My Mother-in-law has a brother who lives in Memphis. He and all his kids and grandkids traveled up to Kentucky and all us Ohioans traveled down there. I don't know that anyone got an official head count....but I would say that there was probably close to 50-60 of us.

On Friday night, North was in charge of cooking for the whole group. Despite our poorly equiped cottage kitchens, we whipped up quite a spread that included hamburgers, hot dogs, cheesy potatoes, cowboy beans, bbq meatballs, salads, and yummy cake and cookies for dessert.

On Saturday, it was South's turn. Oh my was it delicious! The prepared a traditional southern bbq for us complete with pulled pork sandwiches, fried bologna, and spicy cole slaw. Followed by dinner on Saturday night, they had what I hear was a beautiful memorial for the matriarch and patriarch of this beautiful family. Sadly, I didn't get to hear one word of it because Gauge was being fussy and wouldn't sit still. I had to settle for the recap from my hubby.

Here is a picture of all the children.
all the men and boys....
Sadly....they never did get a "complete" picture of all the women and girls.

This is our family. My Mother and Father in law, all their children and grandchildren.
Aren't we a nice looking family :-)
I think that the best part of our family reunion was hosting Ohiopolooza in our cottage each night where we learned how to play card games such as
Up the River Down the River and Shanghai. We were also entertained by Kristyn's "Apache Magic!" ;)


  1. I love family reunions. And Pulled pork. YUMM!! My 16 yrs old cousin just re-connected with me after several years. I'm 15 years older then him, so it's crazy to see he's already 16 and just graduated high school.

    I'm just so happy he thought to track me down now that he is old enough to do such things.

    I'm looking forward to the hour and half drive on saturday to attend his party and see my moms side of the family. It's just been way too long.

  2. What a great looking group! How nice for your whole family to be together.


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