This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

June 26, 2009

Oh, the memories

With the recent passing of Michael Jackson, it has me reminiscing about my childhood.

* I wore Jelly bracelets on my both wrists, ankles and even Jelly shoes

* I owned a pair of stone washed envelope pants

* I prep-rolled my jeans

* I had a perm with mile high bangs

* My favorite cartoons were: Rainbow Brite, The Smurfs, Shirt Tales, and The Cabbage Patch Kids

* I watched and imitated WWF with my brother. That's right and I could body slam him. LOL

* I love the fashion of Punky Brewster and Boy George

* I wore 2 socks of different colors on each foot

* Trapper Keepers where the hottest new school accessory

* I participated in Hands Across America

* My mom was one of the crazy people duking it out at Christmas time over the newest Cabbage Patch Doll

* I have decorated shirts and even shoes with Puffy Paint

* I remember when we had a Garfield hanging from the window of the family's Grand-Am.

* My favorite playground game was hopscotch

* Coveting Christmas presents were a hot pink Walkman and a Nintendo.

* This one is for the locals: I looking up to the super cool teenagers who hung out at the P.I. or shot the loop in Marion.

* One of my favorite songs was Let's Hear it For the Boys or any song from the movies Footloose, Dirty Dancing or Pretty in Pink.

* Anything Neon

* My friends and I did a dance to We Are The World for a school talent show
* Everyone owned a Hyper Color Shirt

I could go on and on for hours. Now it's your turn. Leave me a comment telling me what are your favorite memories are from the 80's?

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  1. Holy crap we should so hang out! We could be best friends! LOL! P.S. I'm actually wearing jelly shoes right now. I love them and I have about 20 pairs of them in various colors. Good stuff!

  2. I remember when we got cable! No more maggot races on the television in the middle of the night.

  3. I still prep roll my jeans when I am cleaning, only what they stay rolled!

  4. I was so skinny I thought jeans with a paper bag waist made me look good. Seriously, you just don't know what you've got till it's gone!

  5. Oh I so remember hanging out at the PI when the dance floor was down stairs and the whole parking lot including the bank and Dairyland. And shooting the loop in Marion isn't it amazing that that is all we had to do around here. My favorite memories are the music. Poison, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Night Ranger, Motley Crew, ACDC, Guns-n-Roses and I think I will stop there. Oh, one more Rolling Stones!!

    My MOST favorite memory of the 80's is meeting and marrying my Hubby and having my daughter!!

  6. Great memories Lacie! LOL The music of the 80's was the best. Went to so many concerts back then.Watched MTV all weekend long. Videos were still pretty decent back then. My friends and I would rollerskate ALL the time, esp in the jr high yrs. leg warmers, friendship pins, permed-BIG hair, gallons of Aqua Net, neon everything, Atari, the list goes on and on...good times! ~Trish

  7. Thanks for bringing back the 80's! How things have changed!


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