June 2, 2009

I tried to pray....

Last night we had a really strong thunderstorm roll through our area. It started to thunder a bit while the kids were outside playing. By time they had got their bath and got tucked in bed...it really picked up. At about 9:15 pm a huge loud clap of thunder shook our house. I instantly heard Grace in her room crying for me. I went in to get her and she had tears streaming down her little cheeks. She said "Mommy, I tried to pray but it wouldn't go away!"

This morning I was telling her teacher Mrs. Linda the story. She said yesterday during school (during another thunder storm) she tried to explain to the kids that thunder will not hurt you, that it's just a loud noise. But, if they get scared, they could pray that the Lord will relieve them of their fear. Well, I guess Grace not only wanted the Lord to relieve her of her fear but she wanted Him to take away the storm too! :-)

What an example she is! The Lord doesn't care how small or big our fears are! He wants us to take them all to him.

God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him.
1 Peter 5:7


  1. A great reminder for us all. I'm one to forget to take my fears to God, and I need to remind myself to become like a child. Thank you for this reminder!

  2. We live east of Columbus and got those same storms. The lightning was crazy wasn't it?! All my kids were hunkered under blankets and my oldest son had to end up going downstairs because the lightning kept waking him up.

  3. Lacie:

    We are at the lake camping right now and a thunderstorm rolled into Texas last night also! Pretty scary when you are sleeping in a travel trailer.....yikes!

  4. How sweet! It is amazing to me how much children listen to the things that are said and how things affect them. The other day, our oldest was at the house for dinner (which he never is since he graduated last year) and after dinner he and Adriana went outside to practice t-ball. I had to run the older girls to youth group and came home to find Zack riding Adriana's power wheels jeep down the driveway. Later I found him pulling Adriana and Jaxon in a wagon tied to the back of a bicycle. That evening she said her prayers before bedtime and thanked God for "Zackey" coming home and playing with her. She also asked God to take good care of her Zackey. After prayers were said she asked if she could call Zack to tell him goodnight. When she called him, I just expected "Good Night Zackey" and off the phone. Instead she proceeded to tell him that she prayed for him and thanked God for their time together that day. It about broke my heart listening to her. (long comment...sorry)

  5. That is so precious! I am scared of storms so I will have to try this too.

    PS. I tagged you in my new post because I love reading your blog! Here is the link: http://bit.ly/12oIgF

  6. How sweet! And a great reminder!

  7. That is just great! I will teach this to my children as well.

  8. That's a great story...thanks for sharing!


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