This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

June 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Popsicles

June 26, 2009

Oh, the memories

With the recent passing of Michael Jackson, it has me reminiscing about my childhood.

* I wore Jelly bracelets on my both wrists, ankles and even Jelly shoes

* I owned a pair of stone washed envelope pants

* I prep-rolled my jeans

* I had a perm with mile high bangs

* My favorite cartoons were: Rainbow Brite, The Smurfs, Shirt Tales, and The Cabbage Patch Kids

* I watched and imitated WWF with my brother. That's right and I could body slam him. LOL

* I love the fashion of Punky Brewster and Boy George

* I wore 2 socks of different colors on each foot

* Trapper Keepers where the hottest new school accessory

* I participated in Hands Across America

* My mom was one of the crazy people duking it out at Christmas time over the newest Cabbage Patch Doll

* I have decorated shirts and even shoes with Puffy Paint

* I remember when we had a Garfield hanging from the window of the family's Grand-Am.

* My favorite playground game was hopscotch

* Coveting Christmas presents were a hot pink Walkman and a Nintendo.

* This one is for the locals: I looking up to the super cool teenagers who hung out at the P.I. or shot the loop in Marion.

* One of my favorite songs was Let's Hear it For the Boys or any song from the movies Footloose, Dirty Dancing or Pretty in Pink.

* Anything Neon

* My friends and I did a dance to We Are The World for a school talent show
* Everyone owned a Hyper Color Shirt

I could go on and on for hours. Now it's your turn. Leave me a comment telling me what are your favorite memories are from the 80's?

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June 23, 2009

It's official....

I'm getting old!
I know, I'm only 30, right! So what the heck am I doing with Dry Eye Syndrome? Sounds like a t.v. commercial doesn't it? Well folks, get use to seeing me in these lovely glasses that by the way are like 10 years old and I paid $99 for them when Shawn and I were first married.

Ya see, my eye doctor has been trying new contacts on me for as long as I can remember. Every time, he would say "how do you like these?" Truthfully, I have never been totally satisfied with any of them. My eyes are constantly dry and red. I look like I've been up all night when I have actually gotten a full nights rest.

Well last week, I had had enough and voiced my frustration. He did a little dye test on my eyes and came to the conclusion that I have "dry eyes." Which by the way is very uncommon "for someone my age." FABULOUS, so what does this mean. It means that on bright beautiful sunny days when I want to wear my super cool big black sunglasses with the rhinestones on the side....instead I have to wear these (or my new ones which will be coming in this week). I have to put eye drops in my eyes 4x day for 4 weeks!!! Talk about a pain! At the end of the four weeks, I go back for a reevaluation and possibly the go ahead to wear my contacts and sunglasses again.

So in the meantime, get use to the 4 eyed Lacie :(

June 20, 2009

Friday Flashback

Sorry it's been so long since I've done a Friday Flashback. I can't believe that this picture was taken 2 years ago! This is Gracie with her best friends Kayli and Logan.

Kayli and Logan moved away and now Grace doesn't get to see them very much. Back when we were growing up that meant that you had to write (with the help of mom) to keep in touch. Well my friends, times have changed. Tomorrow these three beautiful girls who miss each other so much will be Skyping!!!

How super cool is that!!!

June 12, 2009

The reason I unplugged...

I took Wednesday an Thursday this week to unplug completely and spend some great quality time alone with my hubby. My mom came out to our house early Wednesday to watch the kids and we were off on our adventure. Our destination: The beautiful Hocking Hills here in Ohio. If you have never been there before....I cannot recommend it enough. It's as if you have been transported to a rain forest in some secluded county. You will be awe struck by it's sheer beauty!

Our first day there was a bit drizzly, but it certainly didn't hamper our enjoyment of the caves. We spent the first day at Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls.

After our hike, we headed to our super cute and equally as cozy cabin. We have been going to Getaway Cabins since 2001 when we took our first trip there for our 1 year anniversary. This time around, we stayed at The Retreat. By unplugging, I certainly mean we were utterly and completely unplugged. There is no phone in the cabin, we had no cell signal and we could only get 2 channels from our rabbit ears on the t.v. Let me tell was soooo nice!
We were kind of bummed that we were not able to use our hot tub in the evening. We were visited by a super friendly raccoon who was adamant he was going to find some food somewhere. He was not frightened one bit by us. I was not about to get in the hot tub and have him decide to come visit while I was in there :-)

We were awakened in the morning by what sounded to be a monsoon outside. It was raining sooo hard! However, that just made us want to sleep in even more...which was nice. Once it slacked off a bit we decided to check out and hit up one more cave before heading home. This time we went to Ash Cave. It's is stunning!

On our way back home, we decided to stop in German Village and eat lunch at Schmidts Sausage Haus. Talk about YUMMY! We stuffing ourselves full of 5 different types of bratwursts, German potatoes, and Corned Beef and Cabbage. Barely able to move, we decided to walk around the village and look at all the beautiful houses.
If was so nice to get away, but it was also very very nice to come home. The best part was walking in the door and seeing my kid's faces and seeing them run to us with their arms wide open!!

June 8, 2009

I Love Summer!

We had a busy weekend.....but we managed to squeeze in some back yard fun!

"O.K. who is going to be the first one to test the water?"

Actually, they had nothing to worry about. When we built our house, we had a hot water spigot installed on the back of our house for occasions such as this. Their pool water felt like bath water :-)
I'm not sure if you can you tell or not, but Gauge had a blast!
It was quite fun watering Mommy's toes.
And, after a long hard day of playing, they curled up under their towels