This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

April 30, 2009

Sweet Innocence

Yesterday after work, I had to stop by Rite Aid to pick up a birthday card for my Dad. Next door to Rite Aid there is a car wash. As we were exiting the store and getting back into the car, my little girl noticed a teenage couple standing out front of the car wash.  Let's just say there was a little bit of PDA going on.

Grace (age 4) said "Look Mommy, those people are getting married at the car wash! She doesn't even have her dress on and he doesn't have his boy clothes on! Isn't that so silly?"

In her little mind, if they were acting like that, then they Must be getting married!
Oh to have the sweet innocence of a child!

April 27, 2009

Someone came to our house!

I don't know about your house.....but we had a special bunny visit ours. That sneaky little guy hid Easter eggs all over our living room. This was Gauge's first year that he was old enough to participate in Easter egg hunts. He caught on really quick!

Click on the video below to watch

Gauge checking out his loot. "Cacker," check....."bubbles," check....."CHOCKY!!!!!!!!"

It doesn't take much to get my girl excited. A brand new pencil case!

After the festivities at our house, we headed to church for a wonderful service. Following church we had Easter lunch at Chris and Kelly's house a.k.a. The Farm.

Trying to eat a picture of these two together and both smiling turned out to be quite a feat!

It was just a bit too much excitement and not enough sleep for Big Man, so we cut out a little early. He took about an hour nap before his other Mamaw and Papaw and Great-Grandma came over bearing yet more Easter goodies complete with sunglasses, hats, hula hoops, trucks, and even more candy.
I think the highlight of the night was when Mommy tried to relive her big 80's youth and attempt the Hula Hoop......only to fail miserably! LOL :-)

April 26, 2009

Women of Faith: Columbus, Ohio

I was very blessed to have the opportunity to work with Women of Faith for a review and giveaway for Peanut Butter and Pickle Reviews. In addition to allowing me to give away 6 tickets to the Columbus, Ohio event...they also gave me 4 tickets.

So on Friday morning my awesome co-worker, my mom, my aunt and I piled into her car to go to Women of Faith in Columbus, Ohio

Both Friday and Saturday were beautiful with temperatures in the 80's!
We got to hear awesome music by the Women of Faith worship team.

and hear great speakers like Patsy Clairmont

Lisa Welchel a.k.a. Blaire from The Facts of Life
and Marilyn Meberg
We ate great food too. Here we are waiting for our Friday night dinner reservations at Gordon Biersch.
On Saturday we headed to the North Market for lunch. I had Musaka from a Greek Restaurant. We also got to sample some yummy ice cream from Jenni's Ice Cream. We tried some pretty crazy sounding flavors...such as Queen City Cayennne, and Thai Chili. They were actually very good!
We were also very privileged to hear such great artists as
She was simply incredible!
and.....none other than Steven Curtis Chapman! Talk about heart wrenching and uplifting all at the same time.

We also took time to take a picture of ourselves with our "Praying for Stellan" sign. If you're not familiar with this story. Please visit My Charming Kids and look at the photographs HERE. The story will touch your heart and maybe you'll start praying for Stellan too :)
We had such a wonderul uplifting and fun filled weekend. Despite all my fun....I was glad to get home to my hubby and sweet babies.....who I couldn't quit kissing,hugging, and thanking the Lord for!

April 24, 2009

A night at the theatre

One of the perks of having a Review Blog is getting tickets to really cool events. This even in particular was Thomas and Friends Live: A Circus Comes to Town. On Tuesday after work we hit the road to Columbus with kids in tow for their first ever theatre experience. We were a little apprehensive about how Gauge would do since the show didn't start until 7pm and he goes to be around 8 or 8:30.

Here we are settling in and getting ready for the show to start.
Say Cheese!

From the very second that the kids saw Thomas come out on stage they were enthralled!
Anytime the trains would leave the stage, Gauge would turn to me, hold up his hands and say "Where Go?"

Grace was in love with the Beautiful "Ballerina"
The show was very colorful and action packed with lots of music and singing.

The kids danced, sang, and clapped their hands. We had a fabulous time together as a family. When it was time to leave, Gauge waved over my shoulder and kept saying "Bye, Bye, Choo-Choo!"

If you have the opportunity to take your children to the theatre, I highly recommend it! You're creating memories that will last a life time!

April 22, 2009

Some Women......

Splurge on.....
  • New Shoes
  • Coloring and Cutting their hair regularly
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Expensive Handbags
  • Regular stops at Starbucks
  • Massages
  • A new outfit at the mall
  • Expensive perfume
  • Jewelry
  • A gym membership
  • Hobbies such as scrapbooking, or sewing
  • The latest and greatest piece of technology

Nope not me! I tend to be more on the practical side. If I'm going to spoil myself....

I'm going to get someone to clean my house for me! That's heard me right! I would much rather pay for a maid than any of the above mentioned things.

Every week day, I leave the house at 8:00 am and return home from work at 5:00 pm. Then it's immediately onto cooking super, cleaning up after supper, getting kids in the bath, getting kids in the bed. By time I have a moment to's 9:30 pm and I'm whooped. This usually means that any laundry or cleaning that I have to do gets put on the back burner until the weekend. Well, the problem is that my weekends are just as busy.

So, ladies that is why I have bit the bullet and hired a house keeper. Granted she will only be coming once a month. But, boy oh boy, that once a month cleaning will for sure help this tired mama out! Tomorrow will be my official first day having a spic and span house....and I couldn't be more excited.

I would love to know what you do or spend your money on as a splurge?

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