This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

January 3, 2009

Where did my baby boy go?

Gauge's First Haircut
My sweet little boy has had the cutest blond curls!  I loved running my fingers through them when he was sleeping.  I love how they looked about an inch long until you pulled one straight and it grew to 2 inches long. So the decision to cut his hair has been a hard one for me.  It seems like once you do it, they look so grown up and no longer like your little baby!

I didn't want his first haircut experience to be traumatic and scary.  I wanted it to be as fun as a first haircut can get.  So tonight Shawn and I took him down to Cookie Cutters.

We purchased the Baby's First Haircut package.  So we got a certificate with his picture and a lock of his beautiful hair.
All situated in his car, and now ready to get wet down.

Still not really sure what's going on.
His hairstylist Dona was so sweet and patient with him.
To keep him occupied; they had toys, giant mirrors in front of them and even a video playing.
I'm one handsome man, huh mom?
Trimming around the ears and straightening up the back
All finished up.  Say hello to Mr.GQ!
He did really well for the most part...considering he didn't have a nap that today. He looks so handsome...and I'm so happy that he still has a little wave to his hair. 


  1. Awww! He still looks like an adorable baby! I remember in my salon days doing first haircuts for kids...they're always so sweet! If you have a moment of regret, remember that it will grow back eventually! :-)

  2. Oh my! He's so cute!!! He looks like he sat great for the cut too!

  3. What a BIG boy...he looks so sleepy in the last picture! YAY Gauge :)

  4. He is so cute!! Glad you had a good experience with Cookie Cutters!

  5. I wonder if there is one of those around here! My boys give the hair stylist a run for their money! LOL He looks so cute!

  6. You're so brave...Mylo has CRAZY hair and I'm sure he could use a cut...but I just can't bring myself to doing it! Gauge looks so handsome!

  7. Awwww, he looks like a little man but so incredibly cute with his new dew! She did a fantastic job and I just love that they have a place where you live just for kids. We don't have that here in SC.

  8. What a sweetie pie! I am new to both of your blogs and am already in love!!


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