This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

January 2, 2009

There are some things that I will NEVER get use to!

When I was a child we lived in town....
- Where street lights come on at dusk
- The courthouse plays bells twice a day
- You can walk anywhere
- Sirens sound when there are tornado threats
- The wildest animals were the neighbors unruly cats and dogs

Now I live out in the country on 12 acres of property right beside woods where it's not uncommon to see...
- 8 deer dart across our field
- A coyote go traipsing by
- Buzzards circling overhead
- or a hawk landing on the fencepost

All of these things...are fine. But, there is one thing that I will never get use to!

Once of these guys in my house!
Oh sure he's cute in a Disney kinda way. He is way cuter out playing in the field where he belongs as apposed to storing up his food stash for the winter in the bottom of our pantry!

One of these furry little guys made his debut in our house on New Years Eve. I caught his movement out of the corner of my eye. I decided to get up and investigate. I opened the pantry door and discovered that he had a huge pile of dog food mounded up. He was fixin' to stay here for the winter I think. It was a good thing we have 3 strapping men in the house who could catch him right?

They cornered him in the pantry and were getting ready to smash him with their shoe when he darted between their legs and into the laundry room without ever breaking his stride! My husband spend the next 15 minutes trying to locate him in there....even moving the washer and dryer. No mouse! We don't know where he could have escaped to, but he did. Needless to say we now have traps to catch that sneaky little fella.


  1. Oh if the people from peta read your joking of course!! He was kinda little, maybe he's now making a home in your dryer lint....I can't believe they couldn't catch him!! I think Cory is secretly scared of them, so he didn't try as hard....:P

  2. good luck catching your new resident...they can fit in the tiniest of places......

  3. they LOVE dog food and are attracted to it. more will come unless you move your dog food from your pantry


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