This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

January 19, 2009

Ratatouille Strikes Again!

I have affectionately named our new house guest Ratatouille! Now if only he would keep up his end of the bargain and start cooking us up some wonderfully delectable French Cuisine. Nope....his taste run more along the lines of Iams, and Beneful, and Puppy Chow.
If you're not sure what I'm talking about, click HERE to get caught up on all the furball action.
Mr. Ratatouille began hiding his little dog food stash in our pantry. We discovered him and his little winter store of food and cleaned it out and set traps. Since then he has decided to store his dog food underneath our stove and wooden trash can.

I'm not exactly sure who is to blame here. It may be me and Shawn for repeatedly forgetting to put the dog dish up at night and when we go to work. Ratatouille takes full advantage of our memory lapses and has himself an all out smorgasbord!
Or it may very well be that this sweet little innocent face isn't so innocent after all.

Maybe Nolah and Ratatouille are in cahoots with one another. Maybe Nolah wants a playmate so bad that she has resorted to hiding Ratatouille in our kitchen and sneaking him supper at night.

No matter who is to blame, Shawn has decided to wage an all out war again Mr. Ratatouille. On our way home from church yesterday, we stopped at Dollar General and bought our ammunition.

Peanut Butter for the traps
4 of the good ole fashion spring loaded traps
Sticky Traps
And we already had 2 of these...which have proven to be unsuccessful.
He set all the traps yesterday hoping to catch the illusive little critter while we were sleeping. When his alarm went off for work this morning he ran out to check all of his traps. NO RATATOUILLE! It looks as if he had temporarily got stuck to the sticky trap but was able to wiggle himself free! Tonight when I get off work, I'm hoping we will have caught the little booger!

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