This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
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December 16, 2008

Weekend in Review

I am one of those people who gets an image in my head of how an event is going to transpire....and when it doesn't happen like that, I get upset. Shawn and I planned on taking the kids to the zoo on Saturday to see the Zoo lights. We left home at about 4:30 pm. It generally takes us an hour to get there. This night it took us an hour & half to two hours because the traffic was so bad. I think that everyone in Columbus picked the same night to go to the zoo.
It was very cold out that night, so we dressed the kids in their full winter gear. By full, I mean complete with Snowpants, Coats, Snow boots, hats and gloves. In full Christmas Story style.

We had just gotten inside the zoo when I smelled something. Gauge had pooped! My awesome Sister-in-Law Sam and I proceeded to take him to the restroom and strip his many layers off of him....only to discover that he had diarrhea and it had seeped out onto his clothing. We changed his outfit and got him dressed again.

The lights were spectacular! Grace loved looking at everything! Gauge...not so much. He squiggled and he squirmed...wouldn't stay in his stroller. We all took turns carrying Mr.30 pounder around.

We waiting in the longest line ever so Grace and Gauge could see Santa. Poor little Gauge fell asleep in my arms while we waited in line. At this point, it was past his usual 7:30 pm bedtime. Grace was so sweet. She sat there and just talked and talked and told Santa what she wanted and even told him that Gauge needed a Rocket and our dog Nolah needed a Bow for her hair.

We left the zoo around 9:30 pm and all of us were starved. We decided to go to Max & Erma's. I was worried about how Gauge would do since it was so far past his bedtime. He did awesome! He was so happy the entire time.....even flirting with the ladies at the table behind me.

On Saturday morning before we went to the zoo, we found out that my Grandma had fallen and broke her arm. She was treated with a cast and released. On Sunday, she called my dad saying that she was having chest pain. Dad took her out to the Emergency room and stayed with her for a few hours. It wasn't a heart attack, but they decided to admit her so she could be monitored. They also decided that she will need surgery sometime this week to repair her broken arm.

Sunday night, my brother and his wife came out to watch the finale of Survivor. They stayed until about 11 pm. After survivor was over we went to bed. A little after midnight, I heard our phones ringing. When I answered, it was my brother telling me that my dad was at the ER with chest pain.

I have never been so scared in my entire life. I just kept praying the entire way to the hospital that he would be fine. When I arrived, they told me that it was most likely just a bad case of acid reflux. I know my dad, and I know that he had to have been in some serious pain to even go to the ER. I decided to wait on all his labwork and EKG results before I headed up. It did end up just being acid reflux. Praise the Lord! I got home about 1:30 am.

I had a normal (but tired) day yesterday. This morning I went to wake Gauge up for school and his room smelled like vomit. Sure enough at some point in the night he had gotten sick in his bed. He also had a really nasty diaper. The poor baby's bottom was beet red from his belly button all the way up his back.

So, I am home from work today with a sick baby boy. The stinky part is that Grace's school Christmas program is this evening. I'm not sure how that is going to work out with Gauge being sick???? :(


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  1. Poor baby Gauge :( Hope he feels better soon and enjoys the days before Christmas! Hope you enjoy your day off too.

  2. Poor little guy. My little man has a red butt, a cough and runny nose. He's thrown up once only because of the yuck draining from his nose. I hope he feels better soon.

    help a family very near to my heart have a memorable Christmas. It only takes a stamp!

  3. I'm laughing at the poopie diaper/zoo thing! I"m glad that sort of chaos doesn't happen to only me! Glad your family is all OK and healthy...whew! Hope Gauge is better soon...I"ve had that bad poop/red butt before with Ava, usually some acidophilus for a week clears it up.


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