This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

October 16, 2008

The Lord has placed me here!

Many times, people have asked how I came to become the Office Manager of my church, and I am always excited to tell that God placed me here.

Back in June of 2005, I was working in downtown Columbus as a Medical Laboratory Specimen Processor. The company manager had unexpectedly passed away the previous year which led to a downward spiral. Shawn and I had just built our first home and Grace was 6 months old. When the company shut their doors, I was left without a job. Do to the fact that the company closed, I was eligible for unemployment benefits. It did not amount to much, but it helped pay the bills.

Upon being let go from my job, I immediate began applying for jobs in and around the Columbus area. I had a few job interviews, but nothing was really panning out. I knew that whatever job I took would need to pay enough for me to afford daycare, otherwise it wouldn't be worth working outside the home. I needed to work outside the home, because like I said earlier we had a mortgage to pay. I needed to find it soon, my unemployment was due to run out in November.

Late one evening in October 2005 Shawn and I were just settling in for the evening when the phone rang. It was about 8 or 9 o'clock at night. Who would be calling at this hour? I picked up the phone and said hello. The voice on the other end was my Pastor. I thought what in the world would he be calling me for at this time of night. Shawn and I had only been attending this church for 2 years and were not super involved.

Pastor Ron proceeded to explain to me that the church was looking for a new Office Manager and that he thought that I would be a good fit for the job. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I was standing in the dining room beside out kitchen table. I remember saying something like "How did you know I needed a job?" His response was "I didn't." You see Senior Pastor and my Associate Pastor had a need. They sat down with the church directory and prayed over it (they told me this later). They believed that the Lord would guide them to the right person to fill the position in the church office. The Lord gave them my name!
- They didn't know that I was out of work!
- They didn't know I was even looking for a job!
- They didn't know that my unemployment was about ready to run out!
- They didn't know that I needed daycare for my child!
- They just knew that the Lord guided them to me and they were being faithful.

I said to Pastor Ron, "well, I have a baby and I will have to find daycare for her......" And he said "that is included!" Can you believe that? The Lord is so good! Not only did he provide me a job, he provided me with Christian daycare for my baby! I could not have dreamed of a better scenario. I get to work with Godly men and women everyday, in a workplace that is positive and encouraging. My children are here in the same building with me being taken care of by awesome women of God who are teaching them the ways of the Lord at a very tender age. For many many reason, I say today that I AM BLESSED!

By the way, the picture above was taken by Mrs. Linda, Grace's Pre-Kindergarten teacher a couple days ago. Grace asked if she could pray for her classmate! I can't even imagine how these sweet little boys and girls are pleasing the Lord.

I am where the Lord has placed me!

Are you where God wants you to be?
Has the Lord worked
in an awesome way in your life?
If so, I would love to hear about it.


  1. I.have.chills. (and a few tears) God is so amazing, I'm speechless (and that does not happen very often). What a story!!! And the picture speaks volumes about your character and who God is raising your family to be.

  2. What a great story about God's faithfulness and provision...and that picture is worth a thousand words...God must be so please to see His little children praying to Him in such a way. (love your blog, btw - I came over through SITS - looking forward to reading some more)

  3. I believe that every step of my career has been part of THE PLAN. Funny how that is!

    Thanks for linking to SITS so I could stop by!

  4. Oh, Lacie! What a privilege to know you are doing exactly as you were intended!
    I have experienced such confirmation in various situations in my life and it's completely amazing!
    God is good!

  5. That picture of the kids is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Seriously? Can you even IMAGINE how much that blesses the Lord to see a scene like that?!

    Soooo wonderful when the Lord just provides more than we could ever imagine and have such provision for our lives. I have entirely too many stories like that, and I LOVE it!

  6. wow, what a testament to God's care, love, and provision in your life!

  7. What a wonderful post and picture! When I got diagnosed with end stage cancer I quickly came to terms with it. I knew that God placed me in that situation for a reason. When I survived I knew it was because God had plan for me. I'm not sure what but I have faith and every day I am open to new ideas and ways to make this world a better place. Thank you for this wonderful post.


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  8. Isn't God awesome. He always knows what we need and provides. Thank you for the encouragement.


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