This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

July 7, 2008

Monkey-See, Monkey-Do

I have a birthday preview for you!
I am getting so excited for Gauge's 1st birthday party. As you can tell from his invitation, we are having a monkey themed party. I have always called him my little monkey because he is so busy and inquisitive. I thought it was only appropriate :) I'm planning on channeling my inner Martha Stewart and making his cake. Usually I'm a "order it" kinda girl.....I don't know what has gotten into me! I'm not going to give away what his cake will look like, but let's just say it goes along with the theme *grin* and I am praying that it won't be a total disaster.
So much to little time. I think that I am going to need to order his plates, napkins and balloons on line. I learned from Colored With Memories that it is nearly impossible to find BROWN party supplies. Birthday party in T-minus 20 days!!!!

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  1. I hope your cake comes out nicely. I made an elaborate Bob the Builder for Alec's first birthday (also my first child) and haven't made another birthday cake until this year! I'll admit I did pick kind of a hard one to be my first, but it definately made me think twice about baking a cake again. . .

  2. FUN! If you go onto Jen's blog, 4tunate, she did a monkey theme for her boys. You should check it was back in February. You might get some cute ideas. :)

  3. Those are too cute, I am a huge fan of good invites. It sets the theme for a great party!!

    Just a quick note to say thanks for entering the giveaway yesterday and stopping by my blog!

    Hope to see you again sometime...

  4. Hey there, I couldn't find an email for you, but was going to give you some pointers on the cake.

  5. Oops! Meant to say you can email me if you like. smockityfrocksATmsnDOTcom

  6. Cute invites!

    The brown stuff I found on line was was transparent brown though (the plasticware), but in the pictures it looked opaque, so that was a bit of a suprise.

    If you don't mind curious george, you'll have lots to choose from though.

    My friend did a monkey party a while back and used bunches of bananas to anchor sets of balloons to...that was really cute!

    7/27 is my mom's b'day too!

    Hope the party is great! We are STILL recovering from Jade's!


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