This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

June 16, 2008

I'm a big boy now!

Gauge has recently decided that he is too big for his baby food. So, we have been trying out some new foods. His repertoire now includes:
Dill Pickles, which amazingly he LOVES!!!
and....anything else he can schmooze from mommy & daddy's plate :)

I'm trying to think of some other creative finger foods that:
* He can mash with his gums....since he only has front teeth
* Doesn't require too much prep time
* I can pack for lunch at school

I would love for all you moms, and dads out there to post a comment with suggestions :)
He has also mastered his Nubby sippy cup. He is just way too cute when he's drinking out of it. You can see him grinning while he he's saying "I am such a big boy!" LOL
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  1. Oh girl, I am so jealous that Gauge is drinking out of a sippy cup! I can get Mylo to drink WATER only out of those Nuby ones with the straws. But he won't have anything to do with milk for ANY sort of sippy cup. Good job Gauge! Big boy!

    I have been on the search for all sorts of creative finger foods for Mylo too that are HEALTHY and he can smush between his gums. (He still only has his bottom 2 teeth at 14 months!!??) Ha! I've come up with some good ideas so far...I'll "facebook" them to you so I don't take up your entire blog!

  2. I just wrote you a novel on your facebook page. : )

  3. I've just been catching up on your blog...

    i think gauge and jade are the same age...she'll be one next month!

    we just realized she likes dill pickles too.

    you could try scrambled eggs, different types of canned beans, and of course jade's favorites...cheerios and crackers.

  4. That's funny about the pickles; Ava LOVES pickles and every time my mother in law sees her eating one she comments about how strange it is! I don't think it's strange at all- the girl will also eat hummus out of a spoon!
    I'm trying to raise my kids with a very diverse palate...I'm thrilled that two out of my three like pickles!


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