This is the best cleaning schedule around!

This is the best cleaning schedule around!
Perfect for busy moms!

June 14, 2008

Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

I love blogging! It has been such a good creative outlet for me. I've enjoyed adding new items to my sidebar, putting in cute backgrounds, and of course adorable pictures and stories about my children.
I have always looked at this as a journal of sorts. It gives me the opportunity to record events in my life that I normally wouldn't do....because I don't have a journal (pen and paper kind), or diary, and I definitely don't have the time or energy to scrapbook!
I also love meeting new people through my blog. I have met (although not in person LOL) some really awesome people such as
Kate. I see on my sidebar that I have people visit from Texas, California, Indiana, and even countries in Europe....but I don't know who you are. So....I'm calling for a De-Lurk here on "Shipman Family." *grin*

So.....come out, come out wherever you are. I'd love for ya to leave a comment every now and then. Even if just to say hi :)


  1. Hi Lacie,
    I think I originally stumbled upon your blog through a link on your Facebook page. From there, it has just all sort of "snowballed" and now I have the Google Reader (your suggestion) and just last night learned that I could put the Status Updates from Facebook on there. It helps me to keep up with the few blogs I read. I really enjoy your blog and your beautiful family. We are related, you know :-)!! I come to your blog from Edison....LOL!

    Jill R.

  2. Yes, I can't stand the lurking!! I'm hooked up to Google analytics, and I've gotten views from all over the world! Yet my comments are from about three or four people consistently...What's up with that?? Maybe I need to have a De-lurking Day at Life as We Know It, also!

  3. Lacie~I found your blog through Casey Gerwer's blog! I am currently in college for Special Ed and EC-4 training. Blogging is my outlet and I have found SO MANY friends. Some I have met, but MANY are just blogging buddies!

    Your blog is so cute and creative! Your kiddos are also so cute! I find comfort in blogging and all of your stories help!

    Have an awesome weekend!


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