March 3, 2008

What we did this weekend....

Hey everyone, this is Gauge again. I thought I would take a couple minutes and show off my newly learned skill. I can sit up now!!! This is so awesome, I watch everything that is going on around me. I especially love watching my doggy Nolah :) Sorry for the blurry picture...sometime I move too quick for mommy to catch me!!

On Sunday night Uncle Nate, Aunt Sam, Mamaw, and Papaw came out for Uncle Nate's 32nd birthday. To the left is a picture of my big sis helping mommy make Uncle Nate's birthday cake. I wish I could have licked the spatula too.
To the right you will see a link to my mommy's Relay for Life Walk. She walks in honor of my Uncle Nate. He is a cancer survivor. I love you Uncle Nate.

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